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Arizona Community Foundation: 2014 Annual Report

Camerawerks recently had the privilege of working on the 2014 Annual Report for Arizona Community Foundation. A special thanks goes out to Jane Bock at http://www.twelvebelow.com     for her amazing design and The ACF Communication Team for putting us in touch once again with some really  amazing people working in our Community. Here are a few of the images we photographed and a little info about these amazing people.

Geile Charitable Foundation:

Robert and Sharon Geile and their daughter, Kimberlie Bayer, make a great team. It is evident in the operation of their Flagstaff business as well as their support for local charities. Each of them has talents and interests that guide their business decisions and inspire their acts of kindness through the Geile Charitable Foundation they established in 2011 as a fund of ACF’s Flagstaff affiliate.

ACF_2014 Flagstaff

National Forum for Black Public Administrators:

Floyd L. Johnson, Jr. (left) serves as President of the Central Arizona Chapter of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. He is joined by fellow Chapter Board members Marchelle Franklin, Martin Whitfield, Pam Neal, and Jacques Avent, who is a Founding Member of both the NFBPA and its Central Arizona Chapter.


Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation:

Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is led by Gonzalo de la Melena, Jr. (seated); and (left to right) Mónica Villalobos,James E. Garcia, Susette Coumides, and Alika Kumar.

ACF_2014 Hispanic

Thomas M. Leenhouts,MD,Northern Arizona Endowment for the Arts:

Mille Leenhouts’ Sedona home along Oak Creek is designed to accommodate both group and solo musical artists and the people who enjoy listening to them.

ACF_2014 SedonaRonald A Martin Family Fund:

The Martins are well known for getting people to follow their lead in making Yuma County such a great place to live. There is much to be proud of for Ron and Stephanie; Jason and Brady, who are not pictured; and Jennifer and Jeffrey.

ACF_2014 Yuma

More info about Arizona Community Foundation and the amazing work they are doing in Arizona please visit there web site at


Arizona Community Foundation 2013:

Camerawerks recently had the privilege of working on the 2013 Annual Report for Arizona Community Foundation. A special thanks goes out to Jane Bock at 12below design for her amazing design and The ACF Communication Team for putting us in touch with some really amazing people working in our Community. Here are a few of the images we photographed and a little info about these amazing people.

Amy and Paul Blavin established the Wave Foundation:

“Intent on encouraging foster youth to succeed and inspiring supporters to get involved, the Blavins know that youth aging out of foster care can thrive.” (pg 10-11)

Blavin_Final_Untitled 2317 v2

Jodi Padgett,Professional Advisor:

“If variety is the spice of life, Jodi Padgett is someone who finds plenty of zest. From the vantage point of her busy office in Prescott, or her small ranch in nearby Skull Valley, Jodi maintains balance in her life with passions that include advising clients, growing grapes and devoting time to favorite causes.” (pg 14-15)

Jodi_Untitled 2423 V4

QU Scholarship Fund: Joey Thybo, Kevin Axx, Shel-Don Legarreta, Stacey Jay Cavaliere and Mike Gorman (not pictured). (pg 12-13)

“With a combination of monetary awards and mentoring, the QU Scholarship Fund promotes scholastic achievement among Arizona LGBTQ youth, and scholarships have already been awarded.”

QU Scholorship_Untitled 2506 V5

To see more of the Annual report and learn more about these foundations you can view online at:


Jane Bock:


Lucky Dog

Just got back from a trip to Hermosillo Mexico where I spent an afternoon exploring the back streets and parks. I always see a lot of stray dogs in Mexico and rarely see any that are being taken care of. I came across one of the Lucky dogs in Mexico. This puppy was best friends with a Homeless man from Hermosillo. He was very kind and allowed me to photograph his beautiful dog who gets to ride in a luxury shopping cart and eat like a King. Its always amazing to see how much we need animals and they need us. Please give some love to your animals everyday.

LuckyDog1_MG_9563 LuckyDog2_MG_9573

LuckyDog3_MG_9593 LuckyDog4_MG_9580


Coyotas: Hermosillo Mexico

One of my favorite things to do while in unfamiliar places is to photograph the streets and explore. I was recently in Hermosillo,Mexico for my TEOE show and had a couple days to just explore. I found myself walking through some back streets with some friends when we happened upon a business were Coyotas were being prepared. We were invited in and allowed to photograph the process. I am always amazed how friendly everyone is in other countries. Also these Coyotas are amazing!

The Coyotas are a popular type of Mexican sugar cookie. The first recipes for them date back to the 19th century and coyotas are frequently thought to originate in a region of Mexico known as Sinaloa. Contemporary recipes for coyotas can often be found throughout Mexico and the southwestern United States. The typical batch of coyotas yields cookies that are larger and flatter than other kinds of sugar cookies and they are traditionally flavored with brown, rather than white granulated, sugar.

       _MG_9660 1  _MG_9652  _MG_9616    _MG_9657

All Photos by Jason Grubb  copyright 2014

Phoenix Trotting Park - photo by Jon Balinkie

I took a ride out to Goodyear to check out the old Phoenix Trotting Park. I’ve always been fascinated by this site. There are some interesting YouTube videos from crazy people who have ventured inside. Here are a couple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cQrSrv-KKE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C53gUXcIXw Also, check out the wikipedia page for the brief history of this unique structure. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Trotting_Park

Fall 2013 Catalog shoot for Gold Canyon Candle

Camerawerks just had the pleasure working with Gold Canyon Candle on there Fall 2013 catalog. We spent 10 days shooting a variety of images in our studio at Legend City. Everything from minimal product photography to more complex room sets. Here are some of our favorite photographs from the shoot.Its always amazing to work with such a professional crew and get so much accomplished. A special thanks goes out to the team from Gold Canyon Candle, Blackwell Design and Ron Garnica. If you would like to see the whole catalog or get some amazing candles you can view everything at:


Pg41_Oil Warmers

Pg81_Spicy Clove

Pg59_Lantern Heritage

Pg16_Bella side table

Pg21_Heritage Occassion