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Camerawerks recently started working on a longterm project with a new Jewelry company specializing in unique handmade Earrings,Necklaces, Rings and Apparel. Here is some of our recent work for

Allure65 test web 9

Allure65 test web 10

Allure65 test web 8

Allure65 test web 14

Allure65 test web 12

Allure65 test web 11



“Morning Clouds”

Its always nice to wake up in the clouds.





Flagstaff 08/03/14


“Morning Visitor”

Today I had a Studio visitor at LegendCity. So we agreed to do a quick portrait. He didn’t really have much time to stay around.Roach 2

 Mr Roach (R.I.P. 7/22/14)



Hermosillo Flea Market

Spent some time in Hermosillo Mexico at a local Flea Market and Photographed some of the interesting scenes within the structure. I love to shoot from the hip and see how open everyone will be when in front of camera. Here are some of the people you might see if you go to Hermosillo market. Everything you can imagine to buy from car parts, old electronics, cell phone charger and great food to be enjoyed. You never know what you might encounter when you explore


Flea market chargers Hermosillo,Mexico



Father-Son electronics Hermosillo Mexico


Red Head_Hermosillo Mexico


Workout_Hermosillo Mexico



New-Old Hub caps Hermosillo Mexico



“Food” Photography

1_Veggies 2_CutVeggies 3_Corn 4_Orange 5_Peach 6_OnionPea



Hovering over our studio yesterday.

National Pancake Day

National Pancake Day

National Pancake Day…..who knew????

Chocolate chip and blueberry by the way……..

Client Meeting

Client Meeting

We had a client meeting this morning at Lux in downtown Phoenix. Fun being showered with the “skin” of the coffee beans. Still finding them in my hair. Made for a cool image.



Longtime client SkyMall contacted us to shoot the Hawaiian Jellys that were used on this cover for Delta Airlines. We shot the shoes and they were dropped into this tropical background. Maybe you’ve seen it in your travels??

Arizona Community Foundation 2013:

Camerawerks recently had the privilege of working on the 2013 Annual Report for Arizona Community Foundation. A special thanks goes out to Jane Bock at 12below design for her amazing design and The ACF Communication Team for putting us in touch with some really amazing people working in our Community. Here are a few of the images we photographed and a little info about these amazing people.

Amy and Paul Blavin established the Wave Foundation:

“Intent on encouraging foster youth to succeed and inspiring supporters to get involved, the Blavins know that youth aging out of foster care can thrive.” (pg 10-11)

Blavin_Final_Untitled 2317 v2

Jodi Padgett,Professional Advisor:

“If variety is the spice of life, Jodi Padgett is someone who finds plenty of zest. From the vantage point of her busy office in Prescott, or her small ranch in nearby Skull Valley, Jodi maintains balance in her life with passions that include advising clients, growing grapes and devoting time to favorite causes.” (pg 14-15)

Jodi_Untitled 2423 V4

QU Scholarship Fund: Joey Thybo, Kevin Axx, Shel-Don Legarreta, Stacey Jay Cavaliere and Mike Gorman (not pictured). (pg 12-13)

“With a combination of monetary awards and mentoring, the QU Scholarship Fund promotes scholastic achievement among Arizona LGBTQ youth, and scholarships have already been awarded.”

QU Scholorship_Untitled 2506 V5

To see more of the Annual report and learn more about these foundations you can view online at:

Jane Bock: