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Through Each Others Eyes: Hermosillo Mexico 2014 Show

Looking forward to an amazing show in Hermosillo,Mexico on January 23rd. Here are some of the details of the show:

The images of Phoenix photographers David Moore and Jason Grubb, and Hermosillo photographers Juan Rubalcava II and Luis Gutiérrez will be on display at the Museum of Art of Sonora (MUSAS) from January 23 – February 28, 2014. The opening night reception of this 80-print exhibit will be held at MUSAS in Hermosillo beginning at 7 p.m. Thursday (Jan. 23). Come join us to celebrate our eighth photo exchange with photographers from Sonora!


Fall 2013 Catalog shoot for Gold Canyon Candle

Camerawerks just had the pleasure working with Gold Canyon Candle on there Fall 2013 catalog. We spent 10 days shooting a variety of images in our studio at Legend City. Everything from minimal product photography to more complex room sets. Here are some of our favorite photographs from the shoot.Its always amazing to work with such a professional crew and get so much accomplished. A special thanks goes out to the team from Gold Canyon Candle, Blackwell Design and Ron Garnica. If you would like to see the whole catalog or get some amazing candles you can view everything at:

Pg41_Oil Warmers

Pg81_Spicy Clove

Pg59_Lantern Heritage

Pg16_Bella side table

Pg21_Heritage Occassion


About Camerawerks

Camerawerks combines the creative talents of commercial photographers Jon Balinkie and Jason Grubb. Business partners since 2000 and friends long before that. Its our longstanding commitment to finding the shot and having fun while doing it that keeps our clients coming back to us.

Working with two photographers opens up different perspectives,different styles and different solutions to your shoot,ensuring you get the shot you need. And it allows us to be more accommodating with your schedule and deadlines,which certainly ups client happiness.

Camerawerks is located in Downtown Phoenix at Legendcity Studios.  We  specialize in Product ,Still Life and Portrait Photography for Advertising, Corporate and Editorial assi



“Food” Photography

1_Veggies 2_CutVeggies 3_Corn 4_Orange 5_Peach 6_OnionPea